Alternate Bases

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Base 10 Blocks and Exploring Other Bases (2, 5, 8, and 16)  This interactive tool comes with lesson plans to help you incorporate it into your class.  I will probably use this one for my Math for Elementary Teachers class, which does a lot of work with alternate bases, in an attempt to understand the algorithms we use for base 10. (contributed by Maria Andersen, MCC, June 2007)

NLVM Chip Abacus: This is a website that deals with place values and has a chart on it where the teacher is able to add and take away from each place value. Not only does it do base ten, but it also does base 2 and 5. This is a good tool for the teacher and students. It is called a chip abacus. (contributed by Alyssa Nauta, MCC Student, Winter 2007)