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Here is the beginnings of a Chemistry collection of activities, demos, and interactive applications on the Internet. 
I keep stumbling across cool chemistry sites and it occurred to me that it would be easier to just maintain a list than to keep emailing everyone every time I find a new one.  Some of these sites are so cool that I yearn to teach chemistry again! (the website of the American Chemical Society) has great articles (short) about current and interesting topics that involve chemistry under the "enthusiasts" tab.  Under "educators & students" there is a link to Re:source Chemistry with background information and activities for Chemistry. The Chemistry of How Things Work.  This website provides knowledge maps for interesting topics in chemistry (alcohol, Gatorade, NutraSweet, nuclear chemistry, Olestra, etc.).  Each map (click on the links to the map on the left side) contains enough links to keep you and your class busy investigating the topic for quite a while.  The idea is to engage students with a chemistry topic, to help them to see why it might be difficult to make decisions about this topic, what role politics plays in the ability to make an impact, etc.

Virtual Cave (solution caves) The formation of caves is based on chemistry and geology.  This site provides an excellent interactive "virtual cave" and information about the chemistry and geology that would be involved to form each type of cave formation.  There are beautiful pictures and I think this one could make a nice little take-home assignment.

Chemistry Songs and Lesson Materials  I've never seen anything like this... There are songs, dramas, visual aids, and short videos (accompanied by song) for teaching chemistry!  You can listen to short clips of the songs and watch clips of the videos, but to get the complete versions, you would have to purchase the Chemistry Songs and Lesson Materials package.  Examples include #29 A Mole is a Number (a cha cha)

How to Make Ice Cream like a Mad Scientist (article featured in a recent issue of WIRED magazine)

How to Make a Glowstick (this was an article featured in a recent issue of WIRED magazine)

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